We at SONOXO are proud of our broad range of references. However, our clients’ positive experiences and project results are our most valuable testimonials. They provide proof that SONOXO’s services have fulfilled the trust our clients place in us.

Medium-sized company
(IT security and managed services)

  • "As-is" data collection process using the SONOXOplus Layzer methodology

Consulting company
(IT compliance, IT security and GoBD) [the "Principles for the proper management and storage of books, records, and documents in electronic form and for data access" as specified by the German tax authorities]

  • Application of the SONOXOplus Layzer methodology to survey core banking sector process

Higher German federal authority

  • Feasibility and profitability study for the replacement of the host procedure
  • Sourcing: Identification and selection of a data center partner
  • SAP migration (HCM)
  • Monitoring of the awarding of contracts
  • Documentation project
  • Examination of the operation of a payment transaction solution
  • Project management of a SAP migration and PMO
  • Execution of an IT strategy consultancy mandate
  • Process management

German regional authority

  • Requirements management for the carve-out of an organizational unit to set up a regional office
  • Documentation project
  • Project management for email migration

German local authority

  • Feasibility and profitability study on the introduction of electronic records management/eDMS
  • Monitoring the awarding of contracts
  • Preparation of specifications for a pilot project

Automotive industry

  • Sourcing: Identification and selection of a data center partner
  • Data center design
  • Project management and PMO

Energy supply

  • Project management of Windows/Office migration
  • Project management of data center coupling
  • Project management of a merger & acquisition in the area of IT infrastructure
  • Change management readjustment
  • Organization of a PMO and associated tools

Transport and logistics companies

  • Project management and PMO

We would be happy to provide detailed information regarding our references on request. Please do not hesitate to get in touch.

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