SONOXO has the lasting success of client data system projects firmly in mind. Our manufacturer-independent and owner-managed consulting company offers individual tailor-made services. This applies to all project sizes, project goals and project phases. Included in our service are the areas of effective organization, process and IT management. With highly experienced assessment, insight and vision, SONOXO's commitment to data sustainability is only matched by its proven quality management. SONOXO was founded in May 2009 and the headquarters is located in Potsdam. The sales office in Berlin was established in July 2014.


  • Alexander Gutendorf
    Alexander Gutendorf

    Managing Director

  • Matthias Longerich
    Matthias Longerich

    Managing Director

  • Ines Löffler
    Ines Löffler

    Project Manager / Training Coordinator

  • Sven Jaekel
    Sven Jaekel

    Project Manager

  • Katharina Halanava
    Katharina Halanava

    Project Manager / PMO Coordinator

  • Patrizia Turkowski
    Patrizia Turkowski

    Knowledge Management Consultant

  • Manuel Wagner
    Manuel Wagner

    Process Manager

  • Nelli Walter
    Nelli Walter

    Project Manager

  • Astrid Aha
    Astrid Aha

    Project Manager

  • Carola Bischoff
    Carola Bischoff

    Project Manager

  • Christin Michalski
    Christin Michalski

    Project Manager

  • Anke Gutendorf
    Anke Gutendorf

    Accounting, Legal & HR

  • Andreas Köcher
    Andreas Köcher

    IT Security

  • Marlies Heyer
    Marlies Heyer

    Marketing Assistant

  • Steffen Krüger
    Steffen Krüger


Company Profile

SONOXO is a premier cloud/data management consultancy based in Potsdam, Germany. In today’s exponentially expanding IT business more and more companies are finding themselves needing additional power to deal with current growth challenges. Whether these requirements are consulting services, project management expertise, or specific technical services such as project collaboration and data storage facilities, SONOXO provides customers with the optimum expertise. At SONOXO, we have been providing professional IT consulting and data management solutions for over 15 years.


Should you wish to be a member of the SONOXO team and are a freelancer, a current student or potential intern, please send a comprehensive application form for current vacancies (or as a speculative applicant) to





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