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For project with encourage and sense


Strong and reliable partnerships are essential to meet the complex information management challenges of today. The consultants, project managers and trainers at SONOXO see themselves as supporters, partners and facilitators in the effective execution of client projects.

Project Focused!

Projects are sometimes assigned to individual specialists. A project may extend over a long period. As a result, complexities, costs, risks and difficulties increase. Core company activities and business transactions can be adversely affected by an ongoing project. Consequently, entire projects can often be abandoned or not completed according to the initially defined objectives.

Hence WE STAND FOR PROJECT! A Success strategy.

To "project" means that which stands out, is stretched out, is anticipated or estimated. SONOXO takes the general meaning of "project" literally. Take a look at the services and solutions that SONOXO offers. We plan projects that move forward within the given timeframe and budget. We achieve successful solutions with the minimum impact on your workplace. SONOXO provides a professional service fully intending to exceed the project scope.

So do not dismiss or postpone your IT security issues but allow the project team at SONOXO to manage them with the minimum of fuss!

Prudent and far-sighted, SONOXO is the competent and reliable IT partner for strategic consulting, project management and secure communications. Our team tackles all project scopes and phases, ensuring a gratifying conclusion. Therefore, clients can devote themselves to core company activities and business transactions without disruption. A SONOXO project has one premier goal: A Successful Solution that Sustainably Advances Client Business!


Strategic Consulting

For implementation strategies to be successful in the long term, many requirements must be fulfilled. Above all, project team plans, and actions must always be consistent. At SONOXO we focus on selecting the most appropriate plans and effective teams for a successful long term operational strategy.



Project Management

Tried and tested methods, high standards and dynamic team processes that are tailored to client projects are the solid foundation of successful project management. SONOXO always keeps client project goals in mind while applying professional knowledge and substantial experience.


solid experience


Secure Communication is important in every phase of a project. It is the central feature of efficiency. This communication remains significant even after project completion. At any time during or after the project SONOXO offers simple accessible solutions and confidential services.


solid experience



Review the services, knowledge and experience that SONOXO offers. Company enhancement with lasting positive effects can only be achieved with courage, communication and common sense. A partnership with SONOXO focuses on the sustainable success of all projects. We aim to make life smoother and more secure. Allow us to convince you at a friendly no-obligation chat over a beverage of your choice!

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